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    Can the simulator office be able to match our contract structure to theirs? I was always told that when awarding a simulator contract it must match the appropriation(s) that were used on the aircraft. Can you point to the FRM to validate? I cannot find it.


    Bottom line: Consider using Informational;Subline Items (Informational SLINs)

    Information SLINs can accommodate different types of funding for a particular CLIN (e.g.; different appropriations, different program elements, different funding agencies). This sounds like a remedy to your use case.

    Your Financial Management & Comptroller officials are the necessary advisors regarding which appropriation is appropriate to use for simulator contracts because such a decision requires knowledge of the applicable fiscal year budget authorization and, if any, USAF unique budget policies.

    Please refer to Reference: DFARS PGI 204.7103  for more detail.    

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