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    Researching if a BPA be awarded to all that propose on DPM local contracts for The Direct Procurement Method (DPM) Program was established to manage the shipment of domestic household food, international-household goods and unaccompanied baggage shipments under Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)-based government contracts. There is no money on theses contracts they are paid by third party usually DTS. We are being requested to issue for less than 1000 lbs and other shipments not able to economically move through normal DPS channels. Requesting base plus 4 years.


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    Based on the information provided and a review of the DTR; we can see no FAR based procurement methods that would be unauthorized.

    Therefore, a BPA using the procedures at FAR 13.303 could certainly work and since you would only be moving food (subsistence) and not buying it, the DFARS citation would not apply to your action. Note: BPAs are one of the most common methods used within DoD for these types of requirements.

    You could also use an Indefinite-Quantity Contract (see FAR 16.504). We would not recommend a Requirements contract (See FAR 16.503) because you state “all that propose” which is very common for contracts that support TMO (Travel Management Operations).

    Of course, you want to follow the guidance in FAR part 47 Transportation, especially FAR subpart 47.2 Contracts for Transportation or for Transportation-Related Services; although it may not apply if your contracts (or BPAs) are below the simplified acquisition threshold (see FAR 47.200(b)(4)). And of course follow the guidance at DFARS part 247 Contracts for Transportation or for Transportation-Related Services and especially DFARS subpart 247.2.

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