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    What DoD policies (directives, instructions, and manuals) specifies what KPPs, KSAs, and APAs are, how are they developed, how are they written, what do they should consist of, and for for what type of acquisitions are they required or not required? Please provide me the link for the CJCS Instruction 5123.01 that specifies mandatory KPPs and KSAs?


    Mr Jackson 

    Detailed information on KPPs & KSAs are in the JCIDS Manual (Released 30 Oct 2021)  Appendix G (starting on pg B-G-1)

    The CDD is detailed in Enclosure B, Appendix C

    Mandatory KPPs are defined on B-G-2 and then detailed (on each mandatory KPP) starting on Annex B to Appendix G to Enclosure B

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