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    What are some simple "EVM-like" metrics that can be used to monitor and report health of a program? Simple, in this case, would mean easily produced by the contractor without having to "mod" a contract to require full EVM.



    Recommend you give the “windshield chart” a try.  The intent of the “windshield chart” is to portray the probability of success of a program by capturing (EVM like) program metrics over time in single chart for executive consumption (either quantitative or qualitative).  The metrics used are internal and external factors defined by the program office.

    • Internal. Traditional program evaluation metrics (addressing cost, performance, schedule and risk), largely within the control of the Program Manager.
    • External. “Environmental” metrics that measure conditions critical to program success, but are largely outside the direct control of the Program Manager.
    • Level 1. Major “roll-up” categories for the program Internal (Program Requirements, Program Resources, and Program Execution) and External (Fit in the Capability Vision, Advocacy) metrics.
    • Level 2. Contributing metrics to a particular level 1 metric.

    Probability of Program Success Calculation:

    Prob(PS): (100 pts max) = Values((Prog Reqm’t: 20 pts max) + (Prog Resources: 20 pts max) + (Prog. Execution: 20 pts max) + (Fit in Vision: 15 pts max) + (Advocacy: 25 pts max))

    Color status should be aligned with requirement documents (ICD, CDD’s).  As an example:

    • Green (80 -100) Program on track
    • Yellow (60 to <80) – Program is on track for providing acceptable capability with issues that are solvable
    • Red (<60, or Existing “Killer Blows” at Level 2) - Program is OFF track

    Additional details can be found in our Probability of Program Success Operational Guide (link below):

    as well as a slide template/example:

    Hope this helps.

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