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    Should we include 52.219-1 in the solicitation? Per the DAU clause matrix, under the commercial item-service column, the DAU matrix box for FAR 52.219-11 is blank.


    Yes, FAR 52.219-1 should be included in the solicitation as FAR 19.309(a)(1) says to insert the provision in solicitations exceeding the micro-purchase threshold when the contract willl be performed in the US or its outlyng areas.  Use it with its Aleternate I in solicitations issued by DoD (FAR 19.309(a)(2).  

    FAR 52.219-11 shall also be included.  FAR 19.811-3(a) states to insert the clause at 52.219-11, Special 8(a) Contract Conditions, in contracts between the SBA and the agency when the acquisition is accomplished using the procedures of 19.811-1(a) and (b).  FAR 19.811-1 is for sole source contracts, which you describe as your scenario.

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