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    Is DAU planning on updating the risk management practices it teaches?


    DAU teaches concepts aligned with and derived from DoD Directives, Instructions, and Guides.  Our current instruction aligns with the 2017 DoD Risk, Issue, and Opportunity (RIO) Guide.  Quantitative risk analysis becomes an important part of system performance development and test & engineering activities as a contributing aspect of risk management, which is an inherently higher-level set of instruction than our present demand signal indicates is needed. The background information of your question inplies that there is a lack of credibility with the basis for DoD Risk Management.  Since the policy and guidance for DoD Risk Management is established by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Systems Engineering, your concerns would be appropriately directed to that office.  The contact information for that office is noted in the Department of Defense Risk, Issue, and Opportunity Management Guide for Defense Acquisition Programs located at the following link:

    DoD Risk, Issue, and Opportunity Management Guide (

    With that said, the DAU WSM002 Risk Management Workshop (RMW) has been updated with increased discussion of quantitative risk analysis techniques and principles.  If you are looking for a more advanced and data-analytic part of risk management, then our current instruction does not delve into that, given its target audience and foundational level.  While this workshop, and its associated online training (OLT) course PMT 0170, are foundational and at the "100 level", DAU Mission Assistance can provide more detailed and focused quantitative risk analysis practices, as they relate to engineering and testing activities, within a program office and system development.  If you require, or know of a program that requires, a more in depth deep-dive into their quantitative risk analysis, please reach out to the DAI Mission Assistance via the following link.  

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