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    The basic file includes an exemption from services acquisition strategy for Contract. The Contracting Officer issue a 12 month extension to the contract. Do the exemption to the Services Acquisition Strategy need to be updated?


    Based on additional correspondance and a phone call, I understand that this is an extension of a service contract with a total value of  ~$40M.  Examing DoD 5000.74, it states that requiring activities will prepare acquisition plans when the total cost of contracts for the acquisition program is estimated to be equal to or greater than the threshold described in DFARS 207.103(d)(i)(B).  The DFARS states acquisitions for production or services when the total cost of all contracts for the acquisition program is estimated at $50 million or more for all years or $25 million or more for any fiscal year.  Based on this guidance and the information provided I do not see a requirement for the Acquisition Strategy to be updated.  However, this decision would be at the Contracting Officer's or higher level decision authorities discretion.

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