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    Would it be more appropriate to issue the solicitation as an RFP or RFQ for a BOA?


    Let's see what the FAR says, starting with FAR 16.703 for BOAs. In this section, it is clear that competition is required and the expectation for the terms and conditions of each agreement is expressed. This section does not refer to the nomenclature of its solicitation, as FAR subpart 8.4, part 13, part 14 or part 15 do express the nomenclatures of their solicitations. Nor does it express the procurement method, so I recommend deciding on the type of solicitation by the procurement method, which can be determined by the total estimated value of this procurement vehicle, is it commercial and how do you plan on solicitating? For example, if the requirement is determined to be commercial and the total estimated value is $500,000, then use FAR subpart 13.5 as your procurement method since this area of simplified acquisition procedures is used for commercial requirements that fall between $250K and $7.5 million. In this scenario, your solicitation would be a RFQ. 

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