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    Is there a reason for a new IDIQ contract needing to be awarded to finish work currently being completed by existing IDIQ contract with available funds? Assuming scope of work is not completed by the end of FY22, can the new contract vehicle fund the completion of work in FY23? I am reading through the Cost-Reimbursement Contracting Fourth Edition in the hopes of locating a possible FAR / NMCARS reference but have not been successful. Thank you.


    Refer to "FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT POLICY MANUAL" issued by DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF THE NAVY (FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND COMPTROLLER) at   // This document governs use of various appropriations where contract span multiple fiscal years, and DoD FMRs provide DoD-wide guidance.

    • In general, if you have an IDIQ with adequate remaining time to place orders (option periods in your case), with adequate contract ceiling (your contract can handle the projected dollar spend thru end of ordering) and your CLIN structure is compatible with current funds available (and projected funds/appropriations in remaining option periods), then I would not award a replacement contract if the current, already awarded contract at hand can satisfy the requirements.

    Your Budget Officer or Financial Officer is the primary advisor on proper execution of appropriations via your contracts.

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