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    What regulations covers the EVM requirement and how do I determine if it applies to follow on contract we are developing?




    Please visit the following link from OSD/ADA.  There you will find a link for the DODI 5000.85 which provides general guidance on EVM and it also references the link to EVM application requirements (this info is referenced in the 5000.85 but housed on a DAU website).


    In case you have difficulty with the link to EVM applicability, here it is below:



    Also, below I've copied the top paragraph from the application requirements section to ensure you don't overlook that.


    "Earned Value Management System (EVMS)—DoDI 5000.85, Paragraph 3C.3.c.(3), provides an overview of EVMS.  The following tables detail EVMS application requirements and EVMS reporting requirements.


    The EVMS Application Requirements Table summarizes EVMS application requirements.  EVMS is applied to cost reimbursable or incentive contracts, inclusive of options, with 18 months or greater period of performance and based on the nature of the work scope.

    The EVMS Reporting Requirements Table summarizes EVMS reporting requirements.  The Integrated Program Management Data and Analysis Report (IPMDAR) contains data for measuring cost and schedule performance on DoD acquisition contracts".


    Let me know if you need more information.

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