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    Will an effort like this be started again by SAF/AQX or another entity? It would be nice to have a central repository of templates for program documentation. Are there links to OSD templates that people can access? For example, where is the latest version of the OSD Systems Engineering Plan (SEP) template? Are there any Requirements Document templates?


    Hello Leah,

    Thank you for asking about an entire database of document templates for Acquisition documentation.  SAF/AQXP (the Continuous Process Improvement Team) has released an improved version of their database with more capability and usefulness.  It is called the Acquisition Process Model (APM).  It is a process-flow model with several added features such as: specialized views, diagrams, inputs/outputs, processes, performers/owners, reference documents, and templates.  SAF/AQXP has hired ARCTOS Technology Solutions (a contractor) to update, revise, and maintain the site.  There are frequent training classes on the use of the APM.  The APM is located at:  Please contact Matthew Keihl  at either or at (cell 505-362-6860) for more information or to register for an APM training session.  The URL for training registration is either  or


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