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    What makes technical data so expensive?


    This response is based on the information provided.  We suggest you discuss with your contracting team, program manager and/or legal department as appropriate. 


    Technical data is not simply the cost of printing and submitting data.  It is intellectual property of the company.  When we request data, we are essentially negotiating some level of rights to that data.  To the extent we ask for these rights, it lessens that value of that data to the company.  For example, if we retain government purpose rights, the contractor effectively loses some part of its government customer base (again depending on the details of the negotiated rights) and loses potential revenue.  Before surrendering those rights, a contractor prices in the potential loss into the value of the data.  We of course negotiate the dollar value of those rights, but the contractor, assuming the government has not paid for 100% of the development of the data, is not required to surrender those data rights.  The more marketable the intellectual property, the higher the cost of the data is likely to be.


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