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    When making the determination as to "under the micro-purchase threshold of $10,000.00", do you consider the total price of the foreign acquired supplies or do you look at the overall price of ALL supplies, both foreign and domestic? If someone would get back to me as soon as possible as I am working an urgent requirement. Thank you.


    The specific wording from FAR 25.001 is:

       (b) It applies to supplies acquired for use in the United States, including supplies acquired under contracts set aside for small business concerns, if-

               (1) The supply contract exceeds the micro-purchase threshold;

    If the micro-purchase exception applied to only the foreign portion of the total value of all supplies under one contract, (b)(1) would be worded: "The non-domestic portion of the supply contract exceeds the micro-purchase threshold." Unfortunately, it doesn't.

    If the batteries could be purchased using a purchase order or with the GPC, it would then be within the MPT.


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