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    My command requesting to purchase a command shoulder patch and as per NAVADMIN we can purchase it using the OPTAR as long as it is command mandated, the questions is how many times we can issue a sailor a shoulder patch? we already issued them an initial but now they asking to purchase more for individual teams which requires me to purchase 12 more different patches and by how the members of the team changing we will issue sailors multiple patches through out their tour. Please provide reference for documentation.


    The question submitted does not specify the purchase method, but I'm assuming it's a GPC purchase.  Command patches are not listed on the "Prohibited Items List" in the DoD Government Charge Card Guidebook.  While this is not an all-inclusive list, I could not find any specific restrictions for patches or for any items related to uniforms or clothing in general.  The Guidebook does state, however, that it is mandatory for cardholders to refer to DFARS PGI 208.7006 to ensure that the purchase is made through the DoD Component supplier when required.  The Guidebook used as an example of a commodity that has a required source of supply, "badges and insignia" which sounds pretty similar to patches (See excerpt from A.1.2.2 GPC Purchasing Steps below).   

    Bottom line: I recommend checking what the local policy is for your agency and higher headquarters and get clarification with regard to what if any restrictions there are for this type of purchase.  First, you can ask your cardholder to show you the specific policy or regulation this purchase would violate.  If they don't know, you could also request for the cardholder to obtain an outside review of this purchase by the A-OPC, general counsel and Financial/Resource Manager from your local base.  If there is a restriction or prohibition, they should also be able to tell you what other alternatives are available for obtaining the patches the customer has requested.


    g) Mandatory: In accordance with FAR Part 8, screen for and use required sources of supply.

    1) CHs shall refer to DFARS PGI 208.7006 to ensure Components obtain the assigned supply from the DoD Component responsible to supply the commodity on a MIPR as prescribed in DFARS 208.7002 and DFARS PGI 208.7004. Examples of assigned commodities include flags/pennants, badges/insignia, tents, weapons, ammunition, and explosives.

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