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    1of5: Are there standards to task order writing for IDIQ, Time and Material, and Fixed Price contracts? If so, how can I access it? 2of5: Is there a DAU course on how to write task orders? 3of5: Can a contract have one task order per customer/organization when each are asking for different things? For example, one contract with two task orders: one wants widgets repaired another for gidgets being modified. 4of5: Is there a limit on how many customers can be combined onto one task order? 5of5: Is there a limit to the number of services or functions per task order?


      FAR part 37, DFARS part 237, and your agency supplement provide the regulatory and statutory requirements for service contracts, as does DoD Instruction 5000.74, "Defense Acquisition of Services". When there is more than one requiring activity under an IDIQ, then formulating the right acquisition strategy for IDIQs is even more critical given the impact on contract administration after contract award. Overall, the scope in the base IDIQ contract needs to cover all the requirements of all the customers/requirement owners, so then task orders can be issued for all or part of those requirements. Verify if there are ordering procedures for the IDIQ. If there are no ordering procedures or they are silent in regards to issuing one task order per requirement owner, then the decision should be made based on the nuances of the acquisition and the impact on contract administration.

    There is not a limit of how many requirements or services can be combined in one task order. That being said, each task order must be properly administered IAW its terms and conditions. 

    There is an Acquisition Strategy Development Workshop that would work well for any multi-functional team (MFT) and is available through DAU’s Mission Assistance that offers consulting services. These services are offered by region and worked with the respective Associate Dean for Outreach and Mission Assistance (ADOMA) listed at Please contact the ADOMA for your location if this workshop is a good fit for your MFT. Note if you are the only one interested in this workshop out of your MFT, there is an open enrollment offering of this workshop in April where individual enrollees can register; registration is required by April 20th at

    You also can attend any of the CONnect Live events held each Thursday starting at 11:30 a.m. for one hour to ask questions. CONnect is an open forum facilitated by Contracting Professors where you can ask questions and be a part of discussions on various Contracting topics. More info is at Join the meeting by your internet browser and not your own Teams account as the separate Teams licenses are not interoperable. 

    DAU Acquisition Strategy Development Workshop at

    DAU's Service Acquisition Mall at

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