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    Good afternoon from S. Tejas!...I am looking for some guidance w/Attending Official Training Conference, personnel on Official Travel Orders and the training being paid w/the GTCC when accurately annotated on the Travel Orders. I am very familiar w/the SF182 process as I am a GPC Lvl 4 AOPC. I have searched the FAR and JTR but cannot find verbiage the states that when on Official TDY orders to attend a training conference the GTCC can be used to pay for the training conference as well as travel costs vs. processing an SF182 to pay for just the training and then processing Travel Order request via DTS to pay for the travel portion...doesn't seem very efficient to have to do both. I have seen personnel on travel orders to attend a training conference use the Travel program to pay both travel and training costs. On the other side...I have seen organizations that require both DTS to pay for just travel and then the SF182 to pay for the just the training...rationale was two different pots of money. Do you know of any documentation...anywhere...that clearly states the GTCC can be used to pay for a training conference when on approved travel orders? Or, is this left to the discretion of the applicable organization to determine how to pay for the cost of training: just the GTCC or both GTCC and SF182 in concert? any information would be most appreciated. Thank you.


    This response is based on the information provided.  We suggest you discuss with your contracting team, funds manager and/or legal department as appropriate. 


    The FAR does not address details of GPC usage.  As a GPC AOPC, you are aware there is some flexibility in the interpretation of GPC application.  As noted below, OPM states that although it is not the norm, it can be done. 


    FMR Volume 9 Chapter 5 has little information on Training Registration fees; the FMR points back to JTR 030201 which has some information about registration fees. 

    We looked at the OPM which states, "The intent of the SF-182 is to approve and record completion of employee training—not for use as a procurement document.  However, agencies that choose to use the SF-182 to procure training should consult with the agency contracting office for agency specific policies on the use of SF182 as a training procurement option. You should include guidance on use of the SF-182 as a procurement document in your agency training policy manual."


    The approach we suggest is to go to the Army GPC coordinator at your command level to see how they view your suggested approach.


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