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    Are these files required in delivery. task orders written off IDIQ, BPA base contract?


    FAR 4.802 defines a contract file as having three separate parts; 

    1)           the contracting office contract file,

    2)           the contract administration office contract file and

    3)           the paying office contract file. 

    Each of these parts should be complete and contain all necessary documents to stand on its own.  The repository used must also allow ready accessibility to the principle users of the documents. FAR 4.803 provides examples of the documents that should be included in these three files.

    Each of these three files must conform to the agency regulations for location and maintenance.   DFARS 204.802 and AFARS 5104.802 don’t expand on this basic statement other than to provide guidance on what repositories may be used. 

    Looking at FAR 16.504(4) A solicitation and contract for an indefinite quantity must-

        (iii) Include a statement of work, specifications, or other description, that reasonably describes the general scope, nature, complexity, and purpose of the supplies or services the Government will acquire under the contract in a manner that will enable a prospective offeror to decide whether to submit an offer;

    These references would indicate that the first part of the contract file defined above would need to include all of the key documents, to include the SOW, QASP,  IGCE, OPSEC Cover Sheet and RSCA.

    These same files are going to be necessary for the COR on a task order or IDIQ to validate that the supplier is meeting the requirements of the contract.  Providing documents in the system of record that the COR has access to does not invalidate the need to provide a complete set of documents in the contracting office contract file.



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