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    What precludes me from using a Purchase order/or C type for this action?


    Interesting question, not a lot of details.

    Assuming the supplies you are purchasing are not on the procurement list for the Acquisition from Nonprofit Agencies Employing People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled (see FAR subpart 8.7 and DFARS subpart 208.7) or bound by Acquisition from Federal Prison Industries, Inc. (see FAR subpart 8.6 and DFARS subpart 208.6) AND the supplies you are procuring are a commercial product.Then nothing precludes the use of either a PO or "C" type contract (but see FAR 13.003(a) also see FAR subpart 13.5).

    If the supplies are not commercial and the estimated value is above the simplified acquisition threshold (see FAR 2.101 for a definition of SAT), then you would be precluded from using a PO (see FAR 13.302).

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