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    Are military award medals and warfare devices considered an authorized purchase with the government purchase card?


    According to the DoD Government Charge Card Guidebook, it is mandatory for cardholders to screen for and use required sources of supply.  Here is the reference from the Guidebook:


    g) Mandatory: In accordance with FAR Part 8, screen for and use required sources of supply.

    1) CHs shall refer to DFARS PGI 208.7006 to ensure Components obtain the assigned supply from the DoD Component responsible to supply the commodity on a MIPR as prescribed in DFARS 208.7002 and DFARS PGI 208.7004. Examples of assigned commodities include flags/pennants, badges/insignia, tents, weapons, ammunition, and explosives.

    "Badges and insignia" sounds similar to your purchase, and DFARS PGI 208.7006 states that DSCP is the assigned supplier for this type of commodity.   After a quick word search, I didn't find a match for "medals", "decorations" nor "devices".  If DSCP is the required source for the items you need to purchase, you would need to follow the guidance in DFARS 208.7002 and DFARS PGI 208.7004 for submission of a MIPR to DSCP.  You could contact DSCP about your requirement to see if they can help, but first check with your local agency (and, possibly, agency higher headquarters) to see if they know of any local policy or restrictions for this type of purchase using GPC.  The cardholder and/or the A-OPC would be a good starting point and should be able to help you.  Also, the A-OPC should be able to point you in the right direction of another alternative if using GPC is not permitted for making the purchase.


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