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    Do I need a QASP since DCMA is providing this oversight?


    The answer will depend on the contract's terms and conditions. Does the PWS require the contractor to maintain their own Quality Control Plan (QCP or other similar nomenclature)? A search for QASPs in the FAR led to FAR 37.604, which states the Government may either prepare the QASP or require the offerors to submit a proposed plan (QCP) if that was addressed in the solicitation. FAR subpart 46.4 covers what the plan should entail and DFARS subpart 246.4 covers the policy and procedures for DoD. If the PWS requires the contractor to maintain their own plan for quality assurance, then it is recommended the written delegation to DCMA that is required IAW FAR 42.202(a) expresses the QA functions expected of DCMA. For example, the written delegation should pinpoint function #38 under FAR 42.302(a), ensuring quality assurance will be executed IAW the contractor's QCP if that will be the case and going into WAWF for inspection and acceptance of services. 

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