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    when the SBA Procurement Center Representative (PCR) has to sign a 2579?


    The answer to this question is determined by when PCRs should and should not be included. IAW DFARS 219.402, PCRs are excluded in these kinds of procurements: SBA PCRs will not review acquisitions for foreign military sales, humanitarian and civic assistance, contingency operations, a contract awarded pursuant to an international agreement where U.S. Armed Forces are deployed, or contract awarded and performed outside the U.S. and its outlying areas. In these instances, the PCR would not sign a DD 2579 unless the contracting activity requests a review. 

    PCRs assigned to a contracting activity or CAO: According to the Code of Federal Regulation 13 CFR § 125.2: "SBA has PCRs who are generally located at Federal agencies and buying activities which have major contracting programs. At the SBA's discretion, PCRs may review any acquisition to determine whether a set-aside or sole-source award to a small business under one of SBA's programs is appropriate and to identify alternative strategies to maximize the participation of small businesses in the procurement." In these cases when the assigned PCR does conduct their review, they would sign the 2579.

    In FAR 19.202-1(e) contracting officers shall provide the required documentation to the SBA PCR when applicable for those situations stated, but if there is no assigned PCR to the buying activity, FAR 19.402(a) states to contact the SBA office serving the area for a given contracting activity. 

    DFARS 219.201 requires the small business specialist (SBS) to refer recommendations that have been rejected by the contracting officer to the SBA PCR. Again, FAR 19.402(a) comes into play when there is no assigned PCR, so the SBS would contact the SBA office serving the area for a given procuring activity. 

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