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    Can a Contracting Officer exercise an Option of a contract when the contractor's SAM registration is showing inactive, but they ARE registered in SAM and the reason for the Inactive/unregistered status is a SAM system error? In this instance, the contractor would have been registered at contract award for the base period the previous year. I tried to find SAM award exceptions based on SAM system errors in various contracting and Federal regulations and literature, but I couldn't find any. Thanks!


    DFARS 217.207(c) requires a check of the to ensure contractor is active in the system before exercising the option.  I could not find any exceptions to this requirement.  Also, FAR 17.207(c)(5) requires a check of to ensure the contractor does not have an active exclusion record.  If you are not able to verify this on, the option should not be exercised.

    There's an "Ask the federal service desk" chat function under the Help tab on  I would try to get the error resolved by contacting them yourself if you think the error is on your end or have the contractor contact them if you think it's something else.  The Helpdesk should be able to get the error resolved.  Ultimately, it's the contractor's responsibility to ensure their record is active on the database and get any issues with accessing their information on the database resolved. 




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