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    Can a contractor directly supporting PMA276 in the FVL-Sys of Systems program, obtain a Product Support Management Fundamentals credential (CLCL 001)?


    ANSWER:  I would point you to the following link:  There's some very good information in there about credentials including information on eligibility for credentials.  Here's an excerpt I found after a quick review of the Q&A:

    Who can earn a credential?  Anyone who has access to the DAU Virtual Campus. Some credentials however, are restricted to only defense acquisition workforce members because the credential includes paid licenses, such as a Coursera which is a third party course. Additionally, some credentials require the completion of a DAU instructor-led course. Priority for attending instructor-led courses still remain with acquisition workforce members.

    To look up a specific course, you can go to the iCatalog or a specific functional area by opening the DAU Menu and clicking Training Center. 

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