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    Is it okay to issue an award to the manufacturer/GSA contract holder when the original quote for the BPA came from their Authorized Dealer? The Manufacturer (GSA schedule holder) and their Authorized dealer are in agreement that the award will be under the GSA Schedule holder's name.


    Very interesting question, thanks for asking. The answer is based strictly on the information provided with the question. Attempt to reach the question submitter for additional details was unsuccessful.

    We say interesting because often it is asked the other way around where a manufacturer’s quote is received but award will be made to an “authorized reseller”. Other terms used in the actual FSS might be “participating dealer, “authorized dealer”, “authorized distributor”, etc.”

    Many FSS include the following clause I-FSS-644 Products Offered and Sold by Vendors Other Than the Manufacturer. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to rely on resellers, authorized distributors, etc. to improve sales volume and to take some of the administrative burden of having direct sales department dealing with individual orders and RFQs etc. The company’s actual FSS should list all authorized dealers, resellers, etc. My assumption is that this schedule holder’s contract DOES list the authorized dealer.

    Our take: If the award is going to be made to the schedule holder (the manufacturer) and the quote is in line with the price list on schedule and you followed the requirements at DFARS 208.404 and the manufacturer agrees with the quote, then yes, there is no issue with this. It is acceptable. We could find nothing in the FAR or DFARS which prohibits this.

    If additional information is needed based on specifics or your acquisition scenario not provided in the question, GSA has a great deal if resources, training aids, and other information for buyers:

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