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    I have a question regarding IDIQ service contracts. If the IDIQ contract contains both the FAR 52.217-8 (option to extend services) clause and the FAR 52.216-22 (Indefinite Quantity) clause, is it within regulation to exercise the option to extend services up to 6-months and subsequently, place a task order on the last day of the 6-month contract extension (with a period of performance of up to 1-year from the last day of the extension)?


    In researching your questions, I examined FAR 16.505, DFARS 216.505 and the clause located at FAR 52.217.8.  There is no prohibition in awarding a task order during the extension period authorized by FAR 52.217-8. I have seen this done before without incident. Ensure you follow the FAR and DFARs in the execution of FAR 52.217-8, the ordering process and document the file accordingly.

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