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    Where can we locate the most current training and experience recommendations for Functional Services Managers Level I & II?


    Thank you for your question. The DoD Handbook for the Training and Development of the Services Acquisition Workforce has not been updated since it was released in 2017 by OSD. The idea behind the handbook is still useful in that a DoD component could model the training and experience requirements for their Functional Services Managers (FSMs) as best fits their organization. The handbook is for guidance only. The handbook's three levels for FSMs was looked at by a Defense Agency recently and they determined that one level would suffice in almost all cases for their FSMs. While there have been numerous changes to the catalog numbers of courses, the titles have remained the same and are easily found with a search at or by using the Training Tab found on the ACE for Services Community ( Since publication of the handbook, DAU has added numerous credentials; two are specifically for services acquisition (CACQ 001 and CACQ 002). DoDI 5000.74 at paragraph 4.1(a) requires the decision authority to ensure a qualified FSM oversees planning and execution of services acquisition requirements. If there are questions or ideas on how components train their FSMs, the ACE for Services Community site provides a forum to have such discussions.

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