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    We have established BPA's for Hazardous Waste/Remediation Services with the following limits: -Micro-Purchase limit on Services is $2,500. -BPA Service Calls >$2,500 and


    I cut/paste this excerpt from Section B.1.1 -- Increased Thresholds and Acquisition Flexibilities, found on Pg. 81 of the DOD GOVERNMENT CHARGE CARD GUIDEBOOK FOR ESTABLISHING AND MANAGING PURCHASE, TRAVEL, AND FUEL CARD PROGRAMS:

                  Further, when using the GPC as a purchasing vehicle, there is no mechanism                      to include terms and conditions. If terms and conditions are required, a                                Contracting Officer must put a contract vehicle in place and may specify the                        GPC as the method of payment. There is no limit on the value of                                      GPC  contract payments made against contracts awarded by a Contracting                Officer. Risk- based decisions associated with violating Separation of Duty                          norms must be considered and accounted for as addressed in B.4.3, Applicable                  Laws and Requirements. The Contracting Officer also may use the GPC to                   place  tssk or delivery order off an existing contract as long as the basic                     contract, basic ordering agreement, or blanket purchase agreement                             authorizes such actions.

    Also, see FAR 13.301(c) (3) which states you can “Make payments, when the contractor agrees to accept payment by the card (but see 32.1108(b)(2)).”  FAR 31.1108 provides guidance for use of the GPC as the method of payment for a contract or order. And, read DFARS 232.1110 Solicitation provision and contract clauses -- to determine applicability of DFARS clause at 252.232-7009, Mandatory Payment by Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card.

    Bottom line: Yes, Generally speaking, you should be able to use the GPC as the payment method for order/calls placed against BPAs.  According to the DOD Government Charge Card Guidebook, there is no limit on the value of GPC contract payments, but also review the other references provided above to determine applicability to your contract question.  Also, if you haven’t reached out to the A/OPC representative at your local base, I would encourage you to do so because they will have guidance on any local/agency GPC policy and limitations that may be applicable to your contract situation. 


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