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    For a BPA call over $25K and under the SAT, is synopsis required at GPE even there was competition at the base BPAs level under the SAP? Is it possible to solicit to only multiple BPA holders? As we already know, a BPA is a simplified method of filling anticipated repetitive needs for supplies or services by establishing “charge accounts” with qualified contractors. It is part of the Simplified Acquisition Procedures by allowing for repetitive contracts which are below the SAT to be awarded easier. GAO case b-294974.6 stated that statutory requirements to obtain maximum practicable competition in simplified acquisition is met where agency uses competitive procedures in establishing blank purchase agreements (BPA) with multiple vendors; under those circumstances, there is no requirement that the agency conduct further competition among the BPA holders in connection with each individual purchase order subsequently issued under the BPAs. It seems like there are some different interpretations among contracting professionals in terms of the synopsis/publication requirement of a BPA call order. Please advise me. Thank you for your time and input.


    If the original BPA was synopsized, calls against it would not need to be synopsized. Of course, you would still need to use FAR part 13 competitive procedures among the BPA holders for calls above the micro-purchase threshold. If the original BPA was not synopsized and if none of the exceptions to synopsize at FAR 5.202 apply, I'm unaware of any other exception in FAR part 5 or part 13 for calls above the $25K synopsis threshold. 

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