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    Is there a course, handbook, references of any type that describes how to apply product/sustainment support development procedures and produce value added deliverables during the EMP phase, specifically focused on hardware and software development....if not, do you have any recommendations on how to approach?


    Thank you for your question.  The requirements to develop a Product Support Strategy (PSS) and Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) depend on which pathway(s) of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework (AAF) is being utilized by the program.  Recommend consulting DoDI 5000.91, Product Support Management for the Adaptive Acquisition Framework, which emphasizes product support planning early in the lifecycle and provides both general and pathway-specific guidance.  In addition, DoDI 5000.85, Major Capability Acquisition and DoDI 5000.87, Operation of the Software Acquisition Pathway provide policy on their respective pathways.  If a program transitioned from a Middle Tier of Acquisition (MTA) or Urgent Capability Acquisition (UCA) pathway, you can find additional details in DoDI 5000.80 or DoDI 5000.81, respectively. For a quick synopsis of the LCSP, recommend consulting our ACQuipedia article.  In addition, the current Product Support Manager Guidebook covers the MCA pathway and a revision, anticipated to be published in late-May 2022, will contain additional pathway-specific guidance for the PSS and LCSP.  Also recommend consulting the DoD LCSP Outline for guidance (note - an updated outline is currently being developed).  Finally, our Life Cycle Logistics functional area contains a wealth of information on product support planning.

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