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    I have a CERFP exercise twice a year, in the past, we normally solicit twice a year because of how the funding comes down. Each exercise is one week, November and April. Can I use the November exercise as my base and have an option as the April exercise? The CERFP has to complete both exercises each year. We would evaluate the option at the time of award but this would allow us to wait on the funding. Ideally, we would have both exercises on the same contract as separate CLINs but funding will not allow that. I read through the FAR, DFARS and PGI 217.2 and could not find where options are specifically annual. In FY 2023, could I have a base exercise in November and an option exercise in April? If not, is there a more appropriate way to accomplish it? I only received the funding 30-60 days prior to the exercise, which challenges the contractors to research, plan, and coordinate. Normally, I use the Short of Award and get ahead of the exercise as far as possible but these are annual known requirements.


    Nothing in the regulations mandates that option periods must follow an annual format. You can specify an option period that begins before a full year has run its course, as indicated in your scenario.

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