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    What constitutes an 'Acceptable' Corrective Action Plan? DFARS 252.215-7002(f), states: "If the Contractor receives the Contracting Officer’s final determination of significant deficiencies, the Contractor shall, within 45 days of receipt of the final determination, either correct the significant deficiencies or submit an acceptable corrective action plan showing milestones and actions to eliminate the significant deficiencies." Is there any FAR, DFARS, or DFARS PGI reference detailing what an 'acceptable corrective action plan is' beyond 'showing milestones and actions to eliminate the significant deficiencies'? Or would that be an agency policy issue?


    Neither the DFARS, DFARS PGI, nor AFARS has guidance on, or a definition for, what constitutes an acceptable correction action plan. "Acceptability" is left to the judgement of the contracting officer.

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