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    Do we (service receiver, DMA) need to generate invoice/SF1034 and send it to DFAS? We sent extract of MIPR Policy Guide, but GSA office requested us to send invoice/SF1034 to DFAS.


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    GSA Mart - Pacific Rim & OCONUS is a GSA retail operation that is not integrated in the GFEBS final system.  For convenience to the DoD requester, GSA Mart accepts MIPRs from the Services with a line of accounting, but does not have the ability to process flow the MIPRs through the DFAS system for payment.  A MIPR is a DoD acquisition document, and not a requisition document.  As such, with respect to doing business with GSA Mart using a MIPR, billing must be done manually using the invoice/SF1034 generated by the service receiver (DMA), and sent by the service receiver (DMA) to DFAS.  DFAS does not have the capability to view MIPRs and the associated line of accounting on those MIPRs because MIPRs are not a requisition document.  You will need to include the MIPR Number and Line on Accounting on a manually created invoice/ SF 1034 that must be submitted to DFAS for payment and MIPR reconciliation.


    To further assist you with the finer details, we located a GSA Mart Retail Operations - Point of Contact for the Pacific Rim and OCONUS below.  I spoke with Ms. Amber Park, GSA MART Retail Operations: Korea/Japan directly by phone.  She is available to you by phone or email as well.  She can help you better understand and provide assistance on the manual invoice / payment process used to facilitate reconciliation with the MIPR, the SF1034, and DFAS when using a GSA MART retail operation.   See also the GSA Retail Operations in the Pacific Rim & OCONUS Website: .



    Amber Park

    Retail Operations: Korea/Japan

    DSN: 720-620-6594

    Phone: 011-82-31-661-0566


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