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    Is it possible to allow a Depot to build and provide the systems to the Air Force? I thought Depots supplied equipment and repaired equipment for the government. The AF needs to award a contract for providing systems to the field and there is a Depot that says they can build and then supply the systems to the field. Is that kosher? That is not anything that I have heard of but then again I have not experienced everything that is possible.


    It's difficult to answer this question because the term "depot" as used here is very generic. Depots are typically facilities for centralized storage or transportation hubs. If the "depot" is a contractor facility (contractor-owned, contractor-operated) and the contractor wants to propose on an Air Force requirement, then I don't see an issue. If the depot is government-owned, contractor-operated (GOCO), the contracting officer will have to make an adjustment to a competitive proposal to eliminate an unfair competitive advantage an offeror would have by performing the contract in a government facility, which is government property. FAR subpart 45.1 provides guidance if this is the case.

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