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    Do you have examples for the DoD use to assess contractors Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) Plan of Action to bring their score to 110?


    This is a really good question. While we do not have any examples in any centrally maintained database or archive; it is quite possible that other DAU faculty or Community of Practice (CoP) members might have great examples (and more). So we will connect you with that Community.

    This was a very recent post to the Quality Assurance CoP entitled Supplier Risk System (SRS) Introduction. While you may not want, need, or have the time to take the referenced course; reaching out to this community is a great place to start. Note: you may have to login to our DAU website for access.

    Once there you will see some great options on the left such as "Share an Idea/Ask the Community", "Documents", "FAQs", and "Related Websites" to just to name a few. I strongly suspect that if not already there then someone in that Community can provide you with what you are looking for. Best of luck. 



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