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    Looking for something that spells out: -US government doesn’t make or lose money. -Case signature vs implementation -Case scope vs case funding -Case roughly equivalent of a cost plus contract -Case roughly equivalent of a best effort contract -P&A data not budget level fidelity We are looking for briefing materials that spells out or dispels the common themes from partners that “there is excess funds in the case take it from there” or “take it from your profit”.


    DAU has two public domain FMS Systems Acquisition-related learning assets related to your Question:

    DAU's ACQ 380 FMS Systems Acquisition Lesson, which can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat pdf form from the Int'l Acquisition Mgmt Community of Practice (ICOP) website at URL: 

    DAU's FMS Systems Acquisition Job Support Tool (JST) at URL

    These two DAU learning assets contain higher level content on DoD FMS systems acquisition policy and process matters, and do not appear to address all of the specific topics listed in your Question.  Based on our experience with FMS and its "connection" with the U.S. DoD acquisition process, we generally agree with all of the key points mentioned in your Question's list.  However, we do not have any additional DAU learning material that we can provide, so you may want to either develop your own or ask Navy International Programs Office for further assistance in this area.



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