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    How do I mark the award indicating that the an addendum is included in the contract award?


    In the instant case the requestor has advised that the Agency, Army Corps of Engineers, has awarded a contract in which the contractor has requested that clauses be added to the contract with regards to Commercial Warranty under FAR 12.303 and Limitation of Liability under FAR 12.404.  Requester advises that this is a commercial sole-source contract for pump repairs currently being performed.  The requestor further advises that the Agency legal council has approved the addition of the requested clauses.

    Requestor must ensure respect to and compliance to FAR 12.302(b).

    The most expedient method would be use of SF30, Contract Modification, under FAR 13.302-3(c). and FAR 43.103(a)(3), incorporating the clauses in the contract.  Thus issuing a bilateral modification.

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