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    FY21 O&M funding was provided for Organic depot labor in FY21 on a project order. Funding is sent on an annual basis, for labor and is sent prior to induction of PM/Engine. I believe work is still being done in FY22 and being billed to the PO with FY21 O&M funding. What authority allows the depot to continue to work using FY21 O&M funds in FY22?


    This response is based on the information provided.  We strongly suggest you discuss with your financial manager, and/or legal department as appropriate. 

    If FY21 funds were provided in FY21 for Engine Induction and Repair, the funds are available for charging after expiration of the appropriation. Based on


    41 U.S.C. 6307  Contracts with Federal Government-owned establishments and availability of appropriations:


    - Provides statutory basis for orders for goods and services placed with government-owned establishments to be treated in the same manner as similar orders or contracts placed with commercial manufacturers or private contractors.

    - The funds are available to complete work after the expiration of the appropriation.

    - It is DoD policy that the statute is constrained to use within DoD.

    - Project Orders are typically used for non-severable products or services.

    - Non-severable services represent a single undertaking that cannot be feasibly subdivided.

    - If the services produce a single or unified outcome, product, or report, the services are considered non-severable.

    - Non-severable services require the servicing agency to complete and deliver a specified end product.

    - Renovation, rebuilding, rehabilitation, reconditioning or overhaul of items, including such operations as are necessary to restore an item to a condition of serviceability equivalent to its original state.

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