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    Does DAU have any diagram like this for $1 through the PPBE system? E.g.: POM-->Programed into budget table--> Controls sent to BSOs--> Activity submits request via BSO to FMB/OSD/PB--> (various reviews via PDM/PBD/Issue Books/etc)-->Authorization/Appropriation-->Apportionment-->Allotment-->commitment-->obligation-->expenditure-->outlay/treasury. I'm sure I'm missing a sorts of things here and there are various alternate paths like BTRs/ATRs. Is there a diagram out there already that shows the path of funds?


    This response is based on the information provided.  We strongly suggest you discuss with your financial manager for Service/Agency specific information.

    DAU has a tool on the website.  The tool is called the Funds Management Platinum Card.  The card shows everything from Life Cycle Cost to Appropriation Life Cycle to include the Resource Allocation Process, and Congressional Enactment Timetable.  The Funds Management Platinum Card is located at https.://

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