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    With no bids, how do you handle it on Do you do an Amendment for the invitation to Bid to see if you can capture a pool of interested contractors, or do you create a whole new Bid with new Solicitation number? Please advise. Thank you.


    In accordance with FAR 14.208(a), Amendment of invitation for bids, “…amendments shall be sent, before the time for bid opening, to everyone to whom invitations have been furnished and shall be displayed in the bid room.” Therefore, since the time for bid opening has already passed, I would issue a whole new Bid with a new solicitation number.

    However, before you do that, look at your initial Bid to see if you can determine why you received no bids.

    • Does it have to do with the contract requirements? (i.e., technical, schedule) Should any adjustments be made?
    • Did the contractors need more time to submit bids?

    It is important that you try and answer these questions so that you can account for any adjustments (change in requirements, delivery schedule, etc) within your new Invitation for Bid, and hopefully avoid a “no bid” scenario again.    

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