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    Scenario: PoP end date was 17 Jun 22 however, and open and inspect was accomplished and work still needs to be done. A modification has not been accomplished to extend the period of performance. Question: Is the contract dead effective 18 Jun 22 and if so can it still be modified to cover the additional work needed.


    FAR 4.804-4 details when a contract is considered physically complete.  Specifically, FAR 4.804-4(a)(1)(iii) notes that it is completed when all option provisions, if any, have expired. Based upon your question, it would appear the contract has ended (not necessarily closed out).  Therefore, for any additional requirements a new contract would be required.  

    You mention that work still needed to be done but didn't specifiy if that was included as part of this contract.  If the contractor failed to perform within the terms and conditions you may have the ability to seek reperformance on those areas not completed.  However, there are many factors to consider and those are not provided in your question.   

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