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    Can i de-obligate this excess cancelled fund prior to closeout? If i can't de-obligate excess cancelled fund, do i just close the contract task order with the excess fund in the contract task order?


    Initial recommendation is to contact your Comptroller Department Budget Analyst or Accounting Analyst to see how they would like to handle as accounting systems have changed over time and they may no longer have visibility to post a de-obligation document against the contract task order/procument request.

    The 2006 year funding is in the Cancelled Phase and is not available for obligation or expenditure for any purpose, unless exempt by a provision of an appropriation law.

    In some instances, following closure/cancellation of an appropriation, it becomes necessary to adjust an obligation that otherwise would have been properly chargeable (both as to purpose and amount) to an appropriation before closure/cancellation. Should such an adjustment become necessary, the obligation must be charged to an appropriation currently available for the same purpose, subject to certain limitations.  In this instance, working with your Comptroller Department Budget Analyst / Accounting Analyst is a must to ensure currently available funds for the same purpose are actually available.

    In accourdance with FAR 4.804-5 (Procedures for Closing Out Contract Files), the office administering the contract must review the contract funds status and notify the contracting officer of any excess funds the contract administration office might deobligate. Administrative closeout procedures include a contract funds review to ensure excess funds are deobligated.

    When all administrative closeout procedures are completed, the office administering the contract must ensure that a contract completion statement includes annotation of dollar amount of excess funds, if any, and the disposition.

    Advice: Contact your Comptroller Department Budget Analyst or Accounting Analyst to see how they would like to handle.

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