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    Can DoD grant be used to pay for venue and catering services?


    The guidance on allowable costs for Grants is actually sparse compared to that of procurment contracts.

    The Regulations covering Grants for DoD can be found at eCFR Title 32 Subtitle A. Subchapter C, Part 34 - § 34.17 Allowable costs references FAR part 31 and DFARS part 31 if your grant is with for-profit organization. A quick review reveals that these costs might be allowable (see FAR 31.205-44).

    Institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, States, local governments, and Indian tribes. Allowability is determined in accordance with the cost principles in subpart E of OMB guidance in 2 CFR part 200. Note that 2 CFR 200.401(c) provides that a nonprofit organization listed in appendix VIII to 2 CFR part 200 is subject to the FAR and DFARS cost principles specified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section for for-profit organizations.

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