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    What is the difference between brand name and sole source justification. With an example Please


    A brand name justification specifies the manufacturer for a given item, even though other manufacturers make the same type of item. For example, both Dell and Lenovo make Windows-based computers. Specifying that a Dell computer is required for a Government user may require a brand name justification.

    A sole source justification isn't necessarily based on limiting the buy to a specific brand but rather to a specific supplier. Sole source procurements should be used only when competitive solicitation procedures such as competitive proposals or bids are not applicable to the requirement or are impracticable. These noncompetitive (“sole source”) procurements allow solicitation of proposals from only one source if the item/service is in fact available only from one source, or the urgency of the requirement does not permit a delay that would result from the competitive solicitation process. Documentation justifying the sole source approach is required and may require higher-level approval. An example of a sole source situation is when a contract is ending, and the requiring activity needs the current contractor to continue to provide items/services for the follow-on contract due to its specialized experience and knowledge.

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