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    using a Government purchase card, can a DoD unit purchase an American flag for a federal staff member that will be retiring?


    We recieve questions very similar to this often. The AAP page has a tremendous search feature in the top right. As an example, a quick search using the term "GPC + gift" instantaneously delivers two results that answer GPC and gift questions. Possibly helping you in a more timely fashion for your needs.

    Here is the response to your question -!details|20026

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    Lastly, in terms of proper use of the GPC, we also considered your question from a Fiscal Law standpoint.

    For Federal Civilians Retirements -  (please reach out to your OGC) 

    Flags used for a civilian retirement are generally purchased by the supervisor or paid for with donations from the unit.

    For Military Reitrements -  it's set in law 10 USC § 6141 

    For military § 6141. Presentation of United States flag upon retirement
    (a) PRESENTATION OF FLAG.—Upon the release of a member of the Navy or Marine Corps from active duty for retirement or transfer to the Fleet Reserve or the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve, the Secretary of the Navy shall present a United States flag to the member.
    (b) MULTIPLE PRESENTATIONS NOT AUTHORIZED.—A member is not eligible for a presentation of a flag under subsection (a) if the member has previously been presented a flag under this section or any other provision of law providing for the presentation of a United States flag incident to release from active service for retirement.
    (c) NO COST TO RECIPIENT.—The presentation of a flag under this section shall be at no cost to the recipient.

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