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    Can RDT&E funds be used to lease equipment (connex boxes for offices)? What type of funds can be used for this type of lease?


    While this would normally appears to be an operations and maintenance requirement, in certain cases RDT&E funds can be used for items not strictly used to perform actual research. The DoD FMR (Vol. 2A, Ch. 1, Sec. 010213) indicates that RDT&E funds may be used for some requirements typically funded with O&M or Procurement funds. RDT&E funding can be used for the operation of R&D installations and activities engaged in the conduct of R&D programs, including direct and indirect efforts, expense, and investment costs. In other words, there is some leeway. I recommend you review the relevant coverage in the DoD FMR as well as this ACQuipedia article on RDT&E funds to help arrive at an appropriate decision.

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