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    Q1 Is there a place to find current military transportation costs. ie. For military transportation, the overall transportation cost is based on a cost per pound for each mile (i.e. $/lb*mile). Q2 I know the non-economic factors include the following: 1. Safety 2. Security 3. Policy (Regulation, Instructions, Organizational Guidance) 4. Warrantees 5. Availability Requirements, 6. Technical Feasibility of Repair 7. PHS&T – Packaging, Handling, Storage, Transportation 8. Manpower and Personnel / Human Factors 9. Facility Limitations and Availability 10. Environmental Requirements 11. Deployment Mobility 12. Constraints on Existing Logistics 13. Available Support Infrastructure 14. DMSMS / Obsolescence 15. Amount of Design Freedom 16. Shared Objectives or Requirements across programs 17. Data Availability (Missing, Proprietary) Is there a document or tool with specific questions to ask within each of the factors?



    A couple quick answers, and a comment.

    1)  The Military uses Commercial Transportation costing, as often Commercial tranportation is used by the Military.  So the default values would be commercial transportation costs even if the Military is performing the transit.

    2) I would recommend MIL-HDBK-1390 LORA.  I believe it is undergoing a Revision currently.  You can contact the lead of the revision at the Logistics Data Analysis Center (LDAC) Nathan Forbes @  to possibly get a draft of the revised handbook, I'm sure his team would welcome feedback and input to that revision. 

    And finally a comment.  Almost without exception, most LORAs are done as Non-Economic LORAs.  Simply due to the multitudes of "Constraints" required for a system.   I would recommend that the first baseline be an Economic LORA just to understand what each of the Non-Economic factors are costing (+/-) , then as you add each constraint/Factor rerun the LORA to see the impacts of each constraint/factor.  I know this may seem tedious, and unnecessary to run and re-run LORAs, but it will give you insights as to the true cost of each constraint/factor.



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