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    Where is carryover defined and where is a definition for both unfilled or unfinished work located?


    This response is based on the very limited information provided.  We suggest you discuss with your Business Financial Management and/or legal department as appropriate.  Since you did not mention the specific Appropriation Category in the question, I will direct you to some Financial Management References (FMR) 7000.14-R concerning carryover and unfilled work.  First in the FMR 7000.14-R Volume 2B Chapter 9 Section Carryover is defined as "The dollar value of work that has been ordered and funded (obligated) by customers, typically using other DoD appropriations, but not yet completed by DWCF activities at the end of the fiscal year.  Carryover consists of the unfinished portion of work accepted but not yet completed."  In the FMR 7000.14-R Volume 3 Chapter 15 Section Customer Orders "Accepted customer order establish obligational authority in a performing allotment.  Unfilled customer orders are the amounts of orders accepted from other accounting entities within the US Government for goods and services to be furnished on a reimbursable basis; or, in the case of transactions with the public, are amounts collected in advance for which the accounting entity has not yet performed as requested."




    I strong suggest you refer to specific Army Regulations that address carryover and unfilled/unfinished work.  Each DoD Component may have more stringent definitions and policies in relation to Financial Management, as the FMR is for all DoD Components/Agencies.




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