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    What online training courses can I provide to my customer's to help them specifically with ordering officer/field ordering officer roles and responsibilities?


    While DAU does not offer specific training for ARMY Field Ordering Officers there are some courses which may benefit  I would suggest training in "Small Purchases" which deals with FAR part 13 and courses dealing with negotiatons, with FAR part 15.  I have listed some resources for your review as follows:

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    The website, operated by the General Services Administration, contains the FAR, the DFARS and approximately 30 other government regulations. By using the recently released Acquisition Regulation Comparator (ARC) tool, also hosted on, users can navigate the FAR and compare and contrast different regulations. Visit to learn more.

    I would suggest reference to the Army Field Ordering Officer Handbook, No.09-16 dated JUL 09.  

    Other possible resources would be the 902nd Contracting Battalion at Joint Base Lewis-Mchord, the Army Center for Lessons Learned at Fort Lavenworth, and Mission and Installation Contracting Command at Fort Sam Houston.

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