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    Can we only fund to 16 Dec because of the CRA or can we fund beyond the CRA of 16 Dec?


    Continuing resolutions can have different rules about obligating funds, so it depends on the specific language of the resolution. If there is no language in the CR or in your agency’s specific guidance that places atypical restrictions on obligating funds, then funding under a CR is the same as if a FY '23 budget had been passed. The CR end date (December 16 is this case) is the date beyond which you can't create new obligations. However, if funds are obligated by that date, continued performance should not be an issue...unless there is specific language in the CR which makes it one. Under a CR, funds generally can’t be spent on “new-start” programs.

    The text of CRs can be convoluted and, frankly, confusing. Please consult with your activity's legal counsel for a more authoritative opinion on this matter of fiscal law.

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