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    What is the correct appropriation to use to fund these DMS NRE. 3010 BP10, BP13 or 3400?


    I strongly recommend you bring a team which includes the Contracting Officer, Program Manager, Logistics SME, and Financial Manager together to discuss the path forward.  There are multiple funds that you could use for this effort.  You may even have to request some 3400 for personnel that will be managing and then 3010 for the actual parts.  If you will take a look at the SD-22 Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages, A Guidebook of Best Practices for Implementing a Robust DMSMS Management Program, located at <>, this should help not just with funding the effort but other best practices for establishing the effort.  It is important to note that the funds you put into the budget exhibits will be the funds you need to use for this effort, so planning and programming will be of utmost importance.


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